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General Director and Choreographer


Music Director

Physical Education Teacher
Artistic Director

With extensive training in classical dance, contemporary, jazz, tango and milonga, theater, music and singing, Veronica spread our culture in Argentina and the world.


Her main teachers:
Antonio Todaro, Pepito Avellaneda, Celia Blanco (tango and milonga).

Monica Ravicule, Alicia Tedesco, National School of Dance (classical dance).
Norma Iglesias, Margarita Fernandez, Laura Roatta (contemporary dance, jazz).
Ricardo Bartis (acting).
Ileana (singing).

Her dance partner:

Claudio González (Argentina, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Cuba).

Adrian Beiró (Argentina: “Estrella de Mar” Award)

Oscar Mandagarán (Argentina, Brazil)

Marcelo Roldán (Germany)

Mariano Suazo (Argentina, Uruguay)

Martín Foronda (Argentina, Japan)

Leandro Óliver (Japan)

Jorge Torres (Russia)

Darío Farías (Argentina)

Hernan Cerrezuela (Japan, Argentina, Chile, Colombia)

Leonardo Barrionuevo (Argentina, México, Venezuela, Colombia)

Gustavo Brizuela (Argentina)

Cristian Petinatti (Argentina)

Matías Roldán (Argentina)

Raphael Passaquay (Argentina, Italy, Spain, Perú, Ecuador, France, Paraguay, Brazil).


Her passion for dance, combined with her creativity and versatility have led her to play many roles throughout his career:

As a dancer stood out in different houses of shows: Café Tortoni, Café Homero, Señor Tango, El viejo Almacén, Caño 14, Esquina Homero Manzi, Sabor a Tango and Voz Tango, among others.


She was choreographer in shows like "FM Tango" (with Roberto Goyeneche and Cacho Castaña), "Che Tango", "Alma de Tango Pasión de Mujer" (Cheché), "Las Lunas del Tango", "De Clásicos y Modernos", "Amada Mía", "Tango x Tango", "Cheché Tango", "Ciudad Tango", "Tango y Punto", "El Honor de Tango", "Sabor a Tango" and "Voz Tango".


As author and artistic director worked on the idea and realization of the shows "Noventangos", "Tango y Punto", "Ciudad Tango", "Sabor a Tango", "El Honor de Tango" and "Voz Tango", as well as in countless shows and events for various national and international companies.

She’s co-authored with the bandoneon player Fabio Hager of the original music from the musical "El Honor de Tango" ("Encanto Rojo", chosen by the world champions of Tango Escenario in 2009, "Mimosa", "Zona de Riesgo", among others).

As a producer presented the show "Noventangos" with Fabio Hager, director of the Sexteto Sur and Fabio Hager Sexteto.
She made the Co-Production of her DVD 1 and 2, "Tango Lessons" (Teaching of Tango Dance).

She has toured around America, Asia and Europe with various renowned shows and orchestras:

"JUAN D'ARIENZO" Orchestra: Japan (1992, '93). Carlos Lazzari Orchestra.


TANGO MÍO: Brazil (1993, '94, '95, '96, '97, '98, '99, 2000, '02, '05)

Germany (1995), Cuba (1994). Sexteto Sur and José Colángelo Orchestras.


TANGUEROS: Italy (1994, 95, 96). Sexteto Tango (Mtro. Ruggero), Color Tango (Álvarez - Toloza) Orchestras.


DANCING TANGO ARGENTINO: Japan (1995). José Colángelo Orchestra.


TANGO MIO: Germany (1996). José Colángelo Orchestra.


TANGO PURO: Japan (1997). Sexteto Sur (Fabio Hager).


NOVENTANGOS: Uruguay (1998). Sexteto Sur (Fabio Hager).


TANGO Y PUNTO: Japan (2000). Sexteto Sur (Fabio Hager).


TANGO EN RUSIA: Russia (2002). St. Petesburg Philarmonia Orchestra (Margarita Fernández Company).


TANGO EMOTION: Japan (2004), Argentina: Centro Cultural Borges. Enrique Cuttini Orchestra.


SEÑOR TANGO: Brazil (2003/2004). Juventango Orchestra.


SABOR A TANGO: Colombia (2004, '05, '06), Venezuela, México (2006), Chile (2004, '05), Italy, Ecuador, Perú, France, Paraguay (2008, '09), Brazil (2008, '09, '10, '11).


She took part in international film productions:

"Evita" (Directed by Alan Parker. With Madonna and Antonio Banderas), and "Tango"(Directed by Carlos Saura).



Integrated casts in plays like "Fm Tango" (Presidente Alvear Theater), "Revolver" (Jairo), "Noventangos”, Cervantes National Theatre, General San Martin Theater, among others.


She worked in national and international television programs:

Red O Globo (Brazil), RAI (Italy), TV (Japan), ATC, TELEFE, Canal 13, Canal 9, America TV (Argentina).

She was awarded the “Estrella de Mar” for Best Musical (1998) for "Tango Costa Galana" with Raul Lavie and Sexteto Sur. Mar del Plata, Argentina.


She was called to be on the jury of important national events:
Regional Artistic Championships 2006, Province of San Luis, Argentina.
Patagonia and Tango Festival 2007, Bariloche, Province of Río Negro, Argentina.

She made exhibitions in different milongas of Argentina and the world:
Bien pulenta, La Ideal, La Nacional, Italia Unita, Porteño y Bailarín, Parakultural. (BuenosAires)
By Pass (Bariloche)
Il Treno, La Commune, La Mariposa (Milan, Italy).


Since 1990 she teaches of Tango Dance in Argentina and abroad.

Currently she serves as artistic director, choreographer and dancer in show houses “Voz Tango” y “Sabor a Tango”.

Performes Studies


Bandoneon with Domingo Mattio.
Armonia, counterpoint and composition with Pedro Aguilar.


National Tours
2010 - City of Rosario (Mano a Mano Artes Theater) 
2010 - City of San Nicolas (Rafael de Aguiar Theater) Show "Zona de Riesgo"
2009 - City of San Nicolas (Rafael de Aguiar Theater) Show "Encanto Rojo"
2007 - Café Tortoni | La Viruta | Señor Tango | La ideal
1998 - Mar del Plata, summer season (Estrella de Mar Award). 
1995 - Viedma Carmen de Patagones (Rio Negro), with Beatriz Suarez Paz and the dancers (Verónica Salmeron-Claudio Gonzales).


Musical Conductor


2014 - Sabor a Tango

            Co musical director in "Stravaganza Tango"

            "Encanto Rojo" Stories of Tango...

2013 - Sabor a Tango
2012 - Sabor a Tango
2011 - Sabor a Tango - Voz Tango
2010 - Sabor a Tango
2009 - Sabor a Tango
2009 - El Viejo Almacen (Januay to March) 
2008 - El Viejo Almacen
2008 - Señor Tango 2007 from June
2006 - "Buenos Tangos" Show Japon . 
2006 - Señor Tango.
2001 -"El Viejo Almacen" until 2003.
1999 - Television show "Los Amigos del Tango" .
1998 - Television show "La Noche con Amigos".
1989 - Group "Sexteto Sur" from until 2003. 


International Tour


2012 – Japan tour. Fabio Hager Sextet. Show "Dramatic Tango" January 22 to March 25. (More than 40 cities). 2011 - EEUU- (Vermont – Stowe) Fabio Hager Sextet, Show "I Tango".
2006 - Japan tour trhough 65 cities of that country , show "Buenos Tangos" with Fabio Hager Sextet.
2006 - Tour Germany (Krefeld) with Señor Tango Group. 
2005 - EE UU (Reno), Show "Señor Tango". 
2004 - Brazil, Show "Señor Tango".
2002 - Switzerland and Germany (Concerts of Sexteto Sur).
2001 - Brazil, Show "El Viejo Almacen".
2001 - Taiwan, Show "Tango Essence". 
2001 - Japan, Show "Tango Essence".
2000 - Japan, Show "Tango…y Punto".
1999 - Japan, Presentation of CD "Libertango". 
1999 - Punta del Este (Uruguay), Conrad Hotel.
1998 - Japan, Launch CD "Libertango". 
1997 - Japan, Show "Tango Puro".
1997 - Brazil, Show "Tango Mio".
1996 - Brazil, Show "Tango Mio".
1995 - Brazil, Show "Tango Mio".
1994 - Brazil, Show "Tango Mio".
1994 - La Florida (EE UU), "Tango THE SHOW".
1993 - Japan, Orchestra Carlos Lazzari. 
1992 - Nantes and Paris (France), Tango Festival in Nantes and Trottoirs de Bs. As.
1991 - Santiago (Chile), with the show "Tango Mio".
1991 - Montevideo (Uruguay), Montevideo Tango Festival. 
1990 - Montevideo (Uruguay), Montevideo Tango Festival. 
1989 - Toronto (Canada), "Argentina Tango Show" 
1989 - Fortaleza (Brazil), in representation of Argentina (international tourism show)




1998 - "Estrella de Mar Award" (Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

2009 - "Ëncanto Rojo", winner of the "World Tango Dance Festival", Buenos Aires 2009 y Cali 2008.

2012 - "Min On Culture Award", Tokyo, Japan.

2014 - "Encanto Rojo", winner at the "Tango Championship Manizales - Colombia",  category "Stage Tango" (dance Laiton Katherine and Victor Villa)


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